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Restless Legs Syndrome In Pregnancy: What is It And How To Cure It

Restless Legs Syndrome In Pregnancy: What is It And How To Cure It
Restless legs syndrome in pregnancy: what can you do to ease the discomfort in the foot?

Restless Legs Syndrome: a second pregnancy is proving to be quite tiring. Not only for the fact that my first child was not even two years old and was clearly in need of attention, but also because I have a number of other diseases "sweet" waiting is not tested. No big deal out of charity, but of little things that lined made me feel constantly tired. Now we can add is actually a syndrome called "restless legs" that night did not make my bed (in addition to insomnia naturally affects pregnant women when they are pregnant to prepare them for the fact that for the time 'will have a sleep disturbed by various breastfeeding and things). What is this syndrome? Here is some useful information to learn more.

Restless Legs Syndrome: Because They Are Revealed

RLS (Restless Legs Syndrome) is a manifestation of neurological origin which affects approximately 9% of the global population. Pregnancy disorders may present as we said in the last period of pregnancy with these symptoms:

  • tingling running up and down her legs
  • involuntary leg jerking
  • numb
  • pain or burning

Usually it happens at night or when you go to bed, so sleep quality is affected. It affects about 20% of pregnant women and unfortunately there is no cure except ... a baby! RLS naturally disappear a few days after birth: the only solution is to have 'patience.

Restless Legs Syndrome: a Solution That Allows (But Care is Not Definitive)

There is a solution that can be taken? For me, for example, a gynecologist had been prescribed both magnesium and potassium to be taken twice a day (actually I do not see great results), however, there are other precautions, such as:

walk a bit before going to bed, quiet walk around the block
do some 'stretching before bed
warming the feet before bed: a hot water bottle will be fine
do not take drugs
check the level of iron in the blood: for what they may have the disorder
employs more iron in your diet: for example, eating cereals, red meat and eggs to keep the balance iron level
Avoid cigarette smoke: you may be more likely to suffer from restless legs

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